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PCGen Board of Director’s Meeting

      [15:01] <@AndrewAAM> I have 1500 hours, we ready to begin? [15:01] <James[Code_SB]> Sure [15:02] <@AndrewAAM> Welcome to our Quorum Board of Directors meeting, it’s December 6th, 2013 1500 hours PST. [15:02] <@AndrewAAM> Our agenda today: [15:02] <@AndrewAAM>

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Board of Directors Meeting Log 2013-11-22 Board of Directors: CHAIR – Andrew CODE – James ARCH – Tom WEB – Anestis Observers: Zaister Summary:¬†Discussed team reports. Time table for Release schedule with 6.2 slated for December 8th, 2013.   [15:05] <@[Chair]Andrew> We ready to start?

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PCGen v6.01.3 (Alpha) Released!

    Release Notes for PCGen v6.1.3   Release Notes for PCGen v6.1.3 Table of Content What’s new for v6.1.3 Installation Character Changes in 6.1.3 Custom Data Sets Want to Help? Useful Links Change Log for 6.1.3 What’s new for

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