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PCGen v6.00.0 Released!

Welcome to PCGen v6.00.0, the latest stable release of PCGen. In this release we have introduced a new user interface and made substantial changes under the hood including hundreds of new features. The highlights of the changes for PCGen 6.0

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PCGen v6.00.0 RC1 Released!

PCGen v6.00.0 RC1 is the first release candidate for PCGen 6.0. It represents a product we believe is ready for production use and which we would like your assistance in testing out. In particular the PCGen team would appreciate your

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PCGen v5.17.20 (beta) Released

PCGen v5.17.20 is our fourth beta in the lead-up to our 6.0 release. We’ve continued to squash bugs and improve the stability of PCGen. Thanks again for the great feedback and reports of issues! A word about what a beta

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PCGen v5.17.11 (alpha) Released!

PCGen v5.17.11 is an alpha release with a difference. For the first time, we introduce our new user interface! The new user interface does most of what you are used to, but we still have to get kits, familiars, companions

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PCGen 5.17.10 (Alpha) Released

PCGen 5.17.10 (Alpha) marks the PCGen team’s shift of focus to the next developmental cycle. Download your free copy here: One of the primary goals for this cycle (5.17.x/6.0) includes the completion of ‘under-the-hood’ architectural changes begun in 5.14.x

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