Become Involved

PCGen is an Open Source Software project and, as such, relies entirely on the efforts of many volunteers. We could always use more help.

We are always on the lookout for Java programmers and  list/data coders.  If you like to engage with people or game publishers/developers, our Public relations and Licensing team would be happy to have you.

The easiest way to join is to post a message to the PCGen Yahoo group with the subject of “I want to help” and mentioning which team you would like to volunteer for. You will be contacted by a Silverback asking you for further information and giving you instructions. You may also contact the Silverback of a team you are interested in joining directly. A list of the current Silverbacks can be found  on the BoD section of the wiki.

Joining the Yahoo group is easy and can be done from any e-mail address, not just a Yahoo one.  To subscribe just send a blank e-mail to


If you feel you don’t have the skills to volunteer you can donate to the project instead.  All donations to PCGen will be used to:

  • Purchase advertising space.
  • Hire booths at gaming conventions.
  • Printing of pamphlets/leaflets and burning of CDs/DVDs
  • Pay for domain name registration and website hosting.

All of the above costs money, but it helps us to get the word out, gets more people involved, and keeps PCGen free.

Thank you for supporting PCGen!


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